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Top 5 Designer Picks - Mosaic Tiles

We all have our favorites but these mosaic tiles are my top 5. They are all under $20 and can be used in your kitchen or bathroom. Walls, Floors or just a great accent! Have been looking for a tile that is classic, modern and will give you that sophisticated style? Look no further.

1. Oxford Gris Chevron Matte Porcelain Mosaic

This beautiful porcelain tile mosaic would make a great backsplash or accent in both the kitchen or bathroom, its comes in several color but this one is my favorite for its versatility and crisp clean look.

2.Calacatta T Hexagon Honed Marble Mosaic

This classic marble backsplash works well with almost every space. Callacatta Marble Hex in a honed finish will bring a soft natural element to your home. I recommend this tile for any backsplash or wall application, use in the bathroom with a bit more caution due to a high possibility of staining and scratching. Callacatta marble is a fresh soft natural stone, that goes with pretty much anything.

3.Thassos, Silver Sky Stella Polished Marble Mosaic

This Marble mosaic is definitely a show stopper! Thassos marble is a gorgeous "glittery" stone that brings a wow factor. The darker marble diamonds are also in a beautiful striated tone of grey with warmer tones that go well with most wood tones and other neutrals. This mosaic goes well on a full accent wall in a bathroom or a sleek bar backsplash. I could also see this on bathroom floor, master or powder.

4.Basaltina Penny Round Honed Basalt Mosaic

Penny rounds come is all sorts of colors, but why this one stands out is the natural shade variation of this stone, honed basalt. Match the grout for a sophisticated shower floor or backsplash. Basalt is found in volcanic environments making this stone hard and durable.

5.Una Polished Marble Mosaic

This bold marble mosaic puts a big smile on my face. A mix of three marbles, that can create several different patterns. This mosaic will be featured on 3D Interiors Online.com on my next render! Check back often to see it installed!

Find these, other mosaics and larger tiles at Stonetiledepot.com

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